Recover Localhost WordPress Admin Password


If you’ve designed and created a WordPress theme, you’ll be able to get local (local) repost on your computer for testing, debugging, and previewing. Here’s a general mistake some of us have – we’re just about to forget the administrator’s password.

If you have forgotten your own WordPress blog password, it’s easy to click on the “Lost Password” button to reset. However, configurations in the local environment may vary. In most cases, “Password Loss” does not work because the e-mail system is not supported or is not installed correctly.

In this article, even if you forgot your password or username, I’ll show you a simple but complicated method of accessing the local WordPress dashboard.


The Problem:

So you’ve forgotten your password, login or login, or both. WordPress recommends using the “Forgotten password” feature to help recover, but the email system is not properly set up on the localhost? About how to get back to the Quick Dashboard.


Recover Localhost WordPress Admin Password



Visit PhpMyAdmin. The URL must be http: // localhost / phpmyadmin, but it may vary depending on the configuration. Look for the database name in the left panel.



  • Step 1: Open your browser and type https://localhost/phpMyAdmin. Once you have opened it, choose your website database.
  • Step 2: Click on table wp_users and find your username
  • Step 3: Once found, click edit. Here you can easily change your password simply by inserting a new one.
  • Step 4: Delete your ID details and go to your wp-admin panel and reset your password again.


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